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Far East flavour from İOKİ "2015 Best Asian Cuisine of Istanbul"



It all started with two college students exploring Far East and Peruvian cuisines in New York ...

They decided to try all related restaurants in the city.

Such a day, at one of the streets of New York near the corner of the Wall Street, a well-known and talented Japanese chef blowed their minds!

The famous chef Keizo Okitasan poetically blended the Peruvian and Far Eastern cuisine with his own recipes and special sauces, introducing young people to the magical flavors of the Nikkei cuisine with his ceviche and sushi.

These rolls did not seem like anything they'd ever eaten before!

The entrepreneurial youths decided to keep those hands wrapped the most delicious rolls they had eaten in their lives that day, never to leave.

Chief Okitasan come Turkey in 2012 with them to establish İOKİ.

The concept aims to offer the most delicious seafood in the most accessible way of the Far East and Nikkei cuisine.

Okitasan spent his first few months trying to understand Turkish taste, eating and observing Turkish cuisine.

During the months of research, he looked for  the local delicacies that can be used in his recepies. And he searched for details such as the sourness of sushi rice, which is the most important element of sushi.

As a result, İOKİ's menu has been completed with the highest quality and most suitable local ingredients of Turkish taste.

IOKİ received the 'Best Asian Cuisine of Istanbul' award in 2015.

Today, İOKİ serves with four outlets which are in  İstinye, Kandilli, Ulus and summer seasons in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, continue to offer tastes unique to the Far East and Peru in accordance with Turkish tastes.

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